Car Wash on S. Van Dorn Street Alexandria, VA

Address & Phones

Mr Wash Alexandria

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat: 7:00AM - 7:45PM
Sunday: 8:00AM - 6:45PM

Full Service Hours
Mon - Sat: 8:00AM - 6:45PM
Sunday: 8:00AM - 3:45PM


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Wash your car as many times as you like for one low monthly fee!

A Clean Car All the Time!

Do you enjoy the satisfaction of having a clean car all the time? If so, then the Mr Wash Unlimited Car Wash Club was created especially for you!

As an Unlimited Car Wash Club Member, you can enjoy the benefit of being able to wash your car as often as you like. For a monthly fee as low as $19.99 per/mo. You can wash your car once a day, once a week or once a month...whatever is most convenient for you!

How Do I Join?

Simply download the Unlimited Wash Club Membership application form, fill & print it out and present it to your favorite Mr Wash Car's that simple!

The Unlimited Wash Club is a membership service that enables your to wash your car or truck once a day, every day for one low monthly fee.
You can wash your vehicle once every day that our facilities are open.

The price for membership is based on the the car wash package you choose for you car.

  • $19.99 per/mo...Outside Only Car Wash
    (Express locations only)
  • $29.99 per/mo...Lava Wax Car Wash
    (Express locations only)
  • $55.00 per/mo...Super Wash Car Wash
    (available at all locations)
Absolutely Not! You can cancel any time. There are no long term contracts or cancellation fees.
Yes. Your credit card will be billed monthly on the anniversary of your membership to ensure there is no lapse of service.
Yes. Each car you wish to have unlimited car washes available to it needs to have its own unique Mr Wash Unlimited Wash Club account.
Click on the "How To Cancel" tab shown above, fill out the form and submit. A Mr Wash Customer Service Representative will contact you within 1 business day to confirm your cancellation request.
  1. Valid only at Mr Wash car wash participating locations.
  2. Valid for services specified only.
  3. Valid for one car wash per day for designated vehicle only.
  4. Unlimited pass sticker must be placed by Mr Wash on registered vehicles inside front lower driver’s side windshield with the number facing out.
  5. Unlimited pass sticker cannot be placed behind tinted windshield glass or any other product that limits or restricts viewing of the sticker by Mr Wash attendant. Vehicles with tinted front windshields may not be eligible for program.
  6. Valid credit card required to participate in program. Monthly program fee will be automatically charged to customer’s visa, master card, american express or discover credit card each month.
  7. The first charge to the customer will be on the date customer joins and recurring charges will be charged on the anniversary date each month thereafter.
  8. In the event that the customer wishes to cancel program, cancellation must be received in the form of written notification by fax to 202-362-5656 or by email to If participation is canceled mid-month, there will be no refund for remaining month(s). Please provide at least ten (10) working days before your billing date for cancellation of program to take effect. Cancellation is complete after customer receives an email notification from Mr Wash car wash.
  9. There are no partial month(s) refunds.
  10. It is the customer’s full and sole responsibility to contact Mr Wash car wash and give notification about any changes of contact or billing information including address, email or credit/debit card information. Contact Mr Wash car wash customer service department at 202-966-4884 ext 0, ask for unlimited services or email
  11. In the event Mr Wash is unable to charge a customer’s credit /debit card due to an expiration date on the credit/debit or other change in information, then the customer’s participation in the program will be suspended and his/her pass de-activated five (5) days after recharge date.
  12. Replacement sticker: customer must notify Mr Wash car wash if registered vehicle’s sticker becomes damaged, is no longer visible,vehicle is sold, or windshield is replaced. Customer’s exclusive identification number will be deactivated and a new number will be issued. Sticker will reflect new customer number. Contact Mr Wash customer service for replacement sticker at 202-966-4884 or Important - replacement stickers are not a available at Mr Wash locations.
  13. Vehicles must conform to Mr Wash car wash standards. Modifications outside of Mr Wash car wash standards to existing customer’s vehicle may require program termination. Please see location manager for confirmation that vehicle meets standards.
  14. Stickers remain the exclusive property of Mr Wash car wash and must be surrendered upon request. In the event that windshield sticker is tampered with or the program is used in any way inconsistent with its terms and condition, the program will be immediately voided and all monies will be forfeited.
  15. Customer is allowed to upgrade their “unlimited pass” wash to a special service or package wash, by paying the difference between the “unlimited pass” wash and the special services or package requested.
  16. To upgrade an unlimited package stop by any express location and fill out an unlimited club change form.
  17. No other coupons or special offers may be combined with the unlimited pass at any time.
  18. Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.
  19. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  20. Mr Wash car wash reserves the right to terminate any unlimited pass at anytime without notice.
  21. No refunds for days that we close early or do not open due to weather or equipment maintenance.

Cancel Unlimited Wash Club

Lava Wax
High Gloss Tire Dressing
Wheel Cleaner
Clear Coat Protectant
Tri-Color Clear Coat Treatment
Undercarriage Wash
Exterior Wipe Down
Windows Washed Inside & Out
Interior Vacuum
Soft Cloth Exterior Wash
Lava Wax
Undercarriage Wash
Tri-Color Clear Coat Treatment
Clear Coat Protectant
High Tech Blower System
Soft Cloth Exterior Wash